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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Obtaining Family Signatures (Update 1)

We will be using DocuSign for gathering parent signatures after virtual evaluations (on Eval consent and DDD application).

To use DocuSign:

1. Complete your virtual evaluation. During the evaluation, review the forms on your screen and point out the ones that you will be sending to them to sign.

2. Finish all the paperwork, aside from signatures. (DDD application if applicable, Consent to Eval, PWN,)

3. Send completed forms (aside from signatures) to Amber Neubauer, ETS agency lead, or Kristin Gier, Sunshine agency lead, all the docs you require signatures on:

a. Send the email address to send the docs to, and the parent's name.

b. Advise the family that they will receive this email from Amber or Kristin (whoever you submit paperwork to) and the forms that will need to be signed. They will sign on whatever device they receive email on, with a fingertip signature.

c. As soon as the family signs it, it will be locked and a pdf copy will be sent to both the parent and the evaluator who sent it to Amber or Kristin.

d. Please upload the signed docs and share in CR, or send to SC, whatever you typically do, with the PWN. It will come back as one large doc instead of multiple docs, but for now, that's just going to have to do.

Please title showing all that the doc contains, such as: Mouse, Mickey R6T2 DDD app and Consent to Eval 3.18.20.

Other IPP docs that did not require signature, upload separately as you have always done.

Thank you all for your flexibility!!!

We will get through this.

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