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About ACT

In 2006, the vision for Arizona Cooperative Therapies (ACT) came to life with five (5) Arizona-based therapy agencies banding together in response to the anticipated “request for proposals” from the State of Arizona to meet the changing needs for the birth to three population.  This community of 5 agencies, realized that if they did not pool their resources, energy, and manpower, and find others to join them, the opportunity for small businesses to continue serving the birth to three population would disappear.  After research of a “Cooperative” model, the 5 agencies went to work developing their vision and mission statement. At the same time, they began recruiting other agencies of quality to join them in their venture.  The services provided within the ACT member agencies include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language and feeding therapy, developmental special instruction, and service coordination. Today, Arizona Cooperative Therapies is made up of 18 agencies, all of varying sizes.


The vision of ACT since its inception has been to set the standard for success in the early childhood community. The cooperative approach allows the Arizona small therapy business owner an opportunity to continue service delivery to a population he or she would no longer be able to service on their own, despite holding every qualification to do so.  Another important facet of the cooperative approach is the ability to maximize our networking potential within the membership, as well as access the cumulative resources and knowledge of our member agencies.  Further, by combining forces and resources, we maximize our potential for delivery of creative, inventive services, as well as the power to offer appropriate support to our clients and consumers in the most efficient way.  


Since 2006, we have succeeded in pooling resources to provide continuing education and training courses for not only our members, but also for the therapy and consumer communities.  Collectively, we believe in achieving confidence in the clients and consumers abilities at the youngest age possible and with as little therapy and instruction as is necessary.   

In summary, the Arizona Cooperative Therapies brings together a diverse group of creative, experienced business owners who have already proven their devotion to providing quality services to birth to three families and consumers.   The common thread binding the member companies together is the desire to continue delivering excellent services.

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