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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Indicator 8 Transition (Update #1)

Based on guidance from DES/AzEIP, all IDEA Part C transition steps must be completed timely. This means that we must comply with the current policy and procedures for the PEA, a transition planning meeting (TPM), and a transition conference (TC).

Service Coordinators are still responsible for explaining the transition steps to families; updating the IFSP Transition pages; sending the PEA to the local school district and the Dept. of Education, when applicable; updating I-TEAMS; and completing the TPM and the TC in accordance with AzEIP policy and procedures.

SC will follow the same procedures for sharing information to the local school district and other programs, such as Head Start, and must include a consent from the family to share EI records.

Although school districts, most preschools, and other programs that serve children, three years and older, are closed due to COVID-19, SCs are still required to conduct a transition conference. The SC will send an Invitation to Participate to the local school district, indicating that the meeting will be conducted via Zoom. The SC will proceed with the scheduled TC meeting without the local school district.

ACT SCs will conduct all TPMs and TCs via Zoom. Team lead and other core team members are invited to participate in the meetings.

For children with DDD for service coordination, team leads and other core team, when applicable, are required to participate in TPM and TC.

If you have any questions, please contact your agency lead. More information will be shared once received.


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