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Data Managers Meeting 2/2/2021

Hello Everyone,

I'm forwarding the information/recording from this month's Data Manager call with AzEIP.

Here are the highlights from the meeting:

  • The option to select "Family Cost Participation" will be removed from I-TEAMS, since AzEIP no longer has that in place.

  • There will be changes to the Child Outcomes reports.

  • Reminder that all I-TEAMS users must complete the required training and forms. It is suggested that I-TEAMS user login in at minimum every 90 days.

  • Child Records must be closed out timely. There are some records that remain open when children are determined not eligible or when children have turned three.

  • Annie also reminded us about closing our records for those families who want to put services on hold for an extended amount of time, especially due to Covid. Alicia Sharma mentioned that because there is no specific timeline for returning to the homes, that it is hard to determined when services would resume for those families who opt to hold off on TBEI services. Alicia also mentioned that the new variants (virus) may also have some impact on timelines for returning to the homes.

  • I-TEAMS user who is locked out of I-TEAMS can reset his/her own password. You don't have to contact the Help Desk, even though you may get a message to call the Help Desk. AzEIP said to ignore the message.

  • The Family Survey is in a paper form and can be accessed on AzEIP website. SC can give a family the option of completing online or the paper form. SC or the family can mail or scan/email completed family survey to the AzEIP office.

  • AzEIP has submitted the Annual Report to OSEP.

  • It is recommended that the school district be offered a couple of options (dates/times) for a Transition Conference. However, we are still required to meet our timeline for completing the Transition Conference, which may be without the school district. If you are having issues coordinating Transition Conferences with a school district, please let Caroline know.

  • AHCCCS has asked that contractors used the current AHCCCS AMRS form.

Data Managers Meeting 2021 02 February
Download P • 3.26MB

Caroline Nailor-Oglesby, MEd TBEI Program Manager Arizona Cooperative Therapies AzEIP Team Based Early Intervention Program

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