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ACT Weekly COVID-19 and Other Updates

Hello Everyone,

ACT Leadership is in the process of finalizing our Resumption of Limited In-Person Services Plan. In the meantime, I will be providing a 15-minute presentation during the team meetings next week (April 13th -15th). The presentation is an opportunity for me to share an overview of ACT Phase 1 plan to resume limited services. My presentation will briefly highlight the following:

Phase 1: Limited In-Person Services

  • Team meetings

  • Decision Tree to help identify when to provide in-person services

  • Possible setting for in-person services

  • Initial visits; evaluations; CFA; and IFSP meetings

  • Ongoing visits (Team lead and joint visits)

  • Safety precautions for providers and families

  • Training (mandatory)

  • Tentative date for ACT providers to resume limited in-person services

Due to the short time for my presentation to the teams, there will not be any time for any questions. However, I would like for all questions be sent to Susan Becerra and me via email or type questions in the Zoom chat box. All questions will be answered and shared with everyone as part of ACT guidance document (Q & A). There will also be time to ask questions during ACT upcoming training. Our goal is to ensure everyone feel safe and supported during this transition time. If you have any questions, please follow-up with your agency lead. Stay safe and cool 😎 Caroline Nailor-Oglesby, MEd TBEI Program Manager Arizona Cooperative Therapies AzEIP Team Based Early Intervention Program

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