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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Update #25

ACT Updates/Reminders:

  • DSIs Meeting: Friday, March 5th (9-10:30am). Zoom information will be sent out next week.

  • SCs Meeting: Friday, April 2nd (9:30 – 11am).

  • I am working with agency leads to plan how we will internally support therapists for their meetings.

  • Please remember to coordinate all Team Conferencing with Susan. AzEIP will be providing guidance on TC.

  • Do not forget to sign up as a member for ACT website.

AzEIP Updates/Reminders:

  • Congratulations to Alicia Amundson (Sharma)! Alicia is the new AzEIP Administrator/ Part C Coordinator

Stay safe and wear your mask!

Caroline Oglesby

ACT Program Manager

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