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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Update #20

ACT has a great group of Service Coordinators. Special thanks to Lindsay DeWinter (R3), Melissa Estrada (R3), and Amanda Tipotsch (R9) for their ongoing collaboration with PCPs and AHCCCS. A $25 gift card will be given to each for their exceptional work!

ACT Updates/Reminders:

o ACT COVID-19 Workgroup is continuing to meet to discuss a transition plan so that when we are required to return in the home, we are prepared.

o The transition plan will include:

· Letters to providers and to families regarding AzEIP and ACT expectation for home visiting.

· ACT Waivers of Liability for providers and for families.

· Identifying appropriate protective equipment used during home visits, for providers and for families.

· Ongoing training, technical assistance, and support for providers.

· Guidance on what home visits may look like and what to do when there are health and safety concerns during a home visit.

· ACT Wellness Checklist for providers and for families.

· Updating ACT contact notes to add a section for wellness screenings before a home visit.

· All written materials will be provided in English and Spanish.

o ACT DSIs will be meeting on Nov. 6th to continue their ongoing internal support.

o ACT will be developing workgroups with our therapists to address feeding, sensory, and tone concerns, and how to support families and providers.

AzEIP Updates/Reminders:

o There is no new guidance from AzEIP about TBEI services. All services will continue to be provided via teletherapy until further guidance from AzEIP.


o No attachments.

Stay safe and wear your mask!

Caroline Oglesby

ACT Program Manager

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