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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Team Lead Non-Direct (TL-ND) Update #9

AzEIP is allowing Team Leads to bill additional TL-ND units for all team lead non-direct activities completed during this pandemic by extending TL-ND to more than 1.0 hour/quarter. At minimum, a Team Lead should complete monthly TL-ND activity to support all children on his/her caseload. TL-ND activities and time spent will depend on individual needs for a child/family and will vary by each family.

Team Lead – Direct activities are identified as time spent with a family/caregiver via: (1) Zoom session; (2) Phone call; and/or (3) emailing.

Here are some examples of TL-ND activities:

  • Finding resources to support a family/child with IFSP outcomes.

  • Researching and sharing early childhood webinars and videos with families and providers.

  • Planning for joint visit via Zoom session with a family and joint visitor(s).

  • Following up on community resources for a family/child.

  • Supporting a family with emergency support., such as information about programs offering financial support.

  • Following up with ASDB and DDD for support with TBEI services.

Team Lead – Non-Direct Documentation:

  • Team Leads are required to have documentation for all team lead non-direct activities.

  • TL-ND activities must be documented in contact notes; uploaded to Central Reach; and shared with the core team.

  • Emails sent to and from a family is also part of a child record and must also be uploaded to Central Reach.

Billing for Team Lead – Non-Direct:

  • The amount of time a team lead uses for non-direct units will depend on the needs of a child/family and what support the team lead is providing.

  • TL-ND units should never exceed the number of direct units on an IFSP.

  • A team lead would most likely use more non-direct time for a family/child who has weekly visits than a family/child who is seen monthly.

  • Team lead can contact their agency for additional guidance on TL-ND billing.

Stay Safe!!!!

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