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Quarterly Review

Quarterly Review Process

The purpose of the quarterly review is to:

1. Review/update/discuss the IFSP outcomes.

2. Facilitate a discussion among the child’s early intervention service delivery team about the child’s progress over the previous three-month period. Specifically, the team should:

a) Discuss their satisfaction with the progress and interventions that the child has received,

b) Strategize various alternatives to reaching the child’s IFSP outcomes or identify new outcomes.

c) Share each service provider’s (TL and JV) visual representations of the child’s progress.

3. To discuss the child’s continued eligibility for early intervention services and begin planning for the child to exit early intervention if their outcomes have been met and/or they are no longer eligible.


The quarterly review process is:

> A review of what is happening and what has happened.

> A common practice in most professions that has been established to assure quality services

> An opportunity for the team to come together routinely on behalf of the child to review outcomes and progress

> An opportunity to update the family’s assessment

> A time to review the child’s continued eligibility and/or need for early intervention services



Meeting Logistics:

1. Quarterly reviews will be held in 3, 6, and 9-month intervals and Annually from the date of the initial IFSP. The Regional Program Coordinator will add the quarterly reviews to the team agenda after it has been determined what date the child’s review will be discussed.


2. The Quarterly review process should be discussed with the family at the first visit by the service coordinator and/or service providers to prepare them for the fact that they

will be noting the progress of their child over this period and giving feedback. Parents can be invited to participate in the team meeting when their child’s quarterly review will be discussed.

3. The parent and service coordinator will always have a complete and clear/legible copy of the quarterly summary. After the quarterly report is completed it should be uploaded into Central Reach.

4. Discuss when a child will transition to the 3-5 system and when they have had or are having their transition meetings.


Quarterly Review Process:


A. Role of the Service Coordinator

1. The responsibilities of the service coordinator are to:

a. Assure that families are treated as the primary service provider and therefore a member of the team,

b. Bring current IFSP

c. Insure that the team discuss/reviews the child’s progress and continued eligibility for early intervention services

2. The parent and service coordinator will always have a complete and clear/legible copy of the quarterly summary and any individual reviews.


B. Role of the Service Provider


1. At the review meeting, team members present will jointly conduct the Quarterly review discussion and joint visitors should have contributed to the quarterly progress report.

2. In discussing progress, this is the time for service providers to share the visual representations of the child’s progress with the remainder of the team.

3. When progress has been discussed and the child has met their outcomes and/or service providers suspect that the child may no longer be eligible, preparation should be made by the team to connect the family with other (non-EI) supports if there are continued concerns and begin the process with the family for exiting the system. If parents are not in agreement with the decision, they should be informed of the parent’s rights, which include the right to receive an independent evaluation.

4. The Quarterly Review Form will serve as the contact note for the service provider for this meeting. A Team Conference Report does not need to be completed.

Quarterly Review Talking Points: 

1. What are the current IFSP outcomes?

2. What are the strategies provided to the caregivers?

3. Has the child made any progress towards meeting the IFSP outcomes? Has there been any changes with the child’s development?

4. Based on the Child and Family Assessment/IFSP, how are things going with the child and family? What motivates the child?

5. What (if any) barriers does the family have and what assistance/support you or they have identified?

6. Are there other core team members providing joint visit(s)? If so, include updates on how the joint visits are going.

7. If the child is close to transition; what transition steps have been completed?

8. When is the next IFSP due?

9. Do you have consent to share the Quarterly Review with the child’s PCP and other EC community partners??

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