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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Update #22

The ACT office will be closed Dec. 24th – Dec. 25th; Jan. 1st; and Jan. 18th for the holidays.

Jennifer Robbins will be on vacation Dec. 22nd to Jan. 3rd, returning to work on Jan. 4th. During this time, Erica Melies will complete all AHCCCS Auth requests and follow-ups. Caroline will complete NCLs and record requests.

Thanks to Anda Martinez (R3 DSI, HPT); Goldie Byerly (R3 DSI, A to Z); Cori Contreras (R9 SC, ETS) and Mariana Millan (R9 SLP, ETS) for disseminating AzEIP flyers in your communities.

ACT Updates/Reminders:

  • Thanks to all who participated in today’s presentation on Early Autism Identification with Dr. McLean. We had nice discussions and were made aware of resources for families. The next Zoom session is Monday, January 11th (3:30-5pm)

  • Resources shared during the presentation today were: ü Early Autism Identification Services: ü Autism Society of Greater Phoenix: ü Gentry Foundation for Autism: ü First Words Project:

  • Kalee Koburi (R6 SLP, HPT) also shared a resource that outlines how social skills are the foundation for language development. (Attached)

AzEIP Updates/Reminders:

  • ASDB is also identifying children with unilateral hearing loss as ASDB and AzEIP eligible. ASDB will continue to work with the AzEIP teams through the eligibility process. This is the same process as children with bi-lateral hearing loss. (Effective December 2020).


16 Gestures by 16 Months
Download PDF • 2.97MB

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Stay safe and wear your mask!

Caroline Oglesby

ACT Program Manager

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