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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Update #12 ACT Letter to Families

ACT Updates

o ACT is developing a survey to gather feedback from ACT providers, such as how things are going with tele-intervention and thoughts on transitioning back to in-home services.

o ACT letter to families on the status on tele-intervention services.

  • ACT SCs are responsible for sending letters out via email to their families.

  • Team Leads are responsible for sending letters out via email to the children who received service coordination from DDD.

  • For families who do not use email, the assigned SC or TL must send an email to Caroline, so that a letter can be mailed out by the ACT office to those families.

  • Use these links for the ACT Letter to Families in English and Spanish

AzEIP Updates

o Effective July 1, 2020, AzEIP will have an electronic Family Survey. An email will be sent out with more information.

o Every child will be assigned an Arizona Department of Education ID#. The ADE ID# will be used when referring a child to the school district.

o SC’s and providers should use the AzEIP forms library on the website to get correct form each time. Periodically checking the AzEIP website for new forms.

  • AzEIP has updated many of their forms. Please check out the website to ensure you are currently using the most recent forms. This is a requirement of our contracts.

  • There is a new AHCCCS Member Service Request form (AMSR) that we must use. There has been feedback about the new AMSR by AHCCCS Coordinators, which are being addressed by AzEIP.

o ACT SCs must consult with ASDB for children with unilateral hearing loss.

Stay safe and wear your mask!

Caroline Oglesby

ACT Program Manager


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