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COVID-19: Update - Guidance on Gradual Lifting of Stay at Home Orders

ACT COVID-19 Team has met to discuss a transition plan for providing direct services in the home. At this time, ACT will continue to provide all TBEI services via tele-intervention through Zoom. Any changes to the delivery of services will be based on the executive order from Governor Ducey; guidance from DES/AzEIP; and the transition plan developed by ACT COVID-19 Team.

We understand that there are some parts of the state that is opening for business. However, we are an educational based program and the current transition plan by the state does not include educational based programs.

The transition plan will include, but not limited to:

o A timeline for transitioning back in the home for direct services.

o Guidelines for providing direct services in the home.

o Safety precautions for providers and families.

o FAQs and talking points for providers to share with families.

The COVID-19 Team will continue to meet twice a week and will provide regular updates relevant to TBEI services. Information will be shared to ACT agency owners and leads; staff; providers; and families, respectively.

Included in this Memo is the most recent communication from DES/AzEIP.

Communication from DES/AzEIP:

As of May 8, 2020, Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP) continues to support early intervention programs in their use of alternative methods to serve children and families. Early intervention programs may continue to engage with families, process all new referrals, provide ongoing support and services, and conduct transition activities utilizing alternative methods, which may include tele-intervention.

We recognize you may be getting questions or concerns regarding the next steps in resuming in-home services. Although Arizona’s stay-at-home orders are gradually being lifted beginning May 8, 2020, AzEIP will not be resuming required in-person home or community visits at this time. The decisions that AzEIP made as a response to COVID-19 as of date were guided by our federal and state governing bodies and public health guidelines, which include the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), Executive Order directives from Arizona’s Governor, Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). AzEIP will also take all governing bodies directives into account when making any future decisions on service delivery options and requirements.

We recognize the abrupt changes in providing AzEIP services has been a monumental adjustment, and thank all of you for your flexibility and perseverance during this time. AzEIP will continue to work closely with our early intervention programs and community and national partners to provide your teams with guidance, technical assistance and support. When the option to fully resume home and community based services is upon us, we will ensure we communicate those next steps to you as early intervention leaders.

We appreciate your partnership and flexibility as we continue to provide essential services for Arizona children and families in a safe manner.

Jenee Sisnroy

Part C Coordinator

AzEIP Administrator

Please continue to practice social distancing and as well as other safety precautions.

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