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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Team Conferencing (TC) – Additional Units Update #8

COVID-19: Team Conferencing (TC) – Additional Units

Thanks to everyone for providing extra support to families and to your team. AzEIP has acknowledged that there may be additional time spent for TBEI activities and have approved additional TC units. During this pandemic, a core team can bill up to 2.25 TC units for each discipline per quarter (90-days) for TC activities.

Here are examples of TC topics/activities:

  • Pre-IFSPs

  • Quarterly Review

  • IFSP Updates

  • Coaching

  • Joint Visit Planning

  • Transition

  • Exits

  • Discussion about a child/family with team members outside of team meetings.

Team conferencing activities may occur during the scheduled weekly team meeting time and/or as a separate meeting with core team members and may include the family.

For the discussion outside of team meetings, providers can contact Susan or Amber, respectively, to add children to the agenda so that all core members have updates, when applicable. The team member who lead a discussion could also add the child to the agenda.

TC Documentation:

  • Providers are required to have documentation for all TC activities.

  • Quarterly Review are documented on the QR Reports. No changes to this procedure.

  • Other TC activities are documented on ACT TC Report.

  • For TC activities outside of team meetings, the provider requesting for the TC must ensure documents are completed and uploaded to Central Reach.

Billing for Team Conferencing:

  • A minimum of two core team members is required to bill for TC.

  • Team conferencing completed during team meeting will follow the same procedures for verifying documents by Team Coordinator and billing by ACT (Beka).

  • For team conferencing held outside of team meetings, Susan or Amber will verify documents and bill TC directly in I-TEAMS.

Stay Safe!!!!

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