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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Updates #7

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

ACT COVID-19 Team and ACT Agency Leads and Owners met this morning for our TBEI Agency Lead Committee Meeting. We have a couple of things to share today.

Updates for Today

  • ACT will continue to provide tele-intervention services until further guidance from DES/AZEIP.

  • When scheduling a Tele-intervention session with a family, please share with the family what that session would look like, so that the family and child are prepared for the actual session. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Providing clear guidance to the family about tele-intervention.

  • Finding out what the child’s schedule looks like throughout the day, such as, naps, mealtime, playtime, tummy time, etc.

  • Identifying what time would be best for a screening or evaluation, so that providers would have an opportunity to observe a child during activities.

  • Rescheduling or continuing an evaluation when a child is not drowsy, cranky, hungry, sleeping, etc.

  • Completing an evaluation during a CFA session, if needed.

  • Asking the family to share home videos of the child engaging in activities.

Stay Safe!!!!

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