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  • Alicia Amundson, AzEIP

DDD Eligibility Application Update

Good afternoon!

I hope all is well with you and your teams! I wanted to reach out to share out some information regarding DDD Eligibility. First, we are working to ensure that we continue with our normal operations as much as is possible during our COVID-19 response. I appreciate all that you are doing to ensure families have support and continuity at this time.

Many programs have reached out to the AzEIP office or to DDD Eligibility offices with questions about the application process and what variations may need to be implemented at this time. Also, there have been some applications rejected over the past month due to outdated application forms.

As of today, please be sure your teams are using applications that are dated February 2019 or more current. The best approach is to go to the document center on the DES site and use that application to be sure you always have the most up to date information.

For those applications that have been rejected, please re-submit them to the appropriate eligibility unit with the current version of the application form and supplemental documents. Since all programs are currently operating remotely, please be sure to attempt to use electronic signatures for the application if that is an option for the family or if they do not have technology access, please obtain a verbal consent for the DDD application and notify the Eligibility team when submitting the packet.

Lastly, please remind SCs to ensure applications and records are being sent in a timely manner along with the I-TEAMS referrals. Eligibility teams are reporting that there continue to be major delays in receiving records through I-TEAMS/FOCUS or documents. I recommend working with your local eligibility units to be sure you are supporting the process to be successful.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need for assistance, I have attached the most recent version of the DDD Eligibility application for your convenience.

Have a great weekend and thanks for all you do!

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