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ACT Memo - COVID-19 Updates FAQs and Feedback

ACT COVID-19 Team has complied questions, comments, and feedback shared during the conference calls with ACT Regions 3, 6, and 9.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do we do when a family is not responding to phone calls and/Zoom video conferencing during this time?

A1. Follow normal procedures for requesting NCL by sending requests to Jennifer. Remember to document in contact notes the multiple attempts made trying to contact a family.

Q2. How long will Teletherapy last?

A2. There is not a specific time frame for Teletherapy; but will last as long as we are in a State of Emergency or further guidance from DES/AzEIP.

Q3. Will Teletherapy be an option in the future, after the COVID-19 Pandemic is over?

A3. At this time, there is no certainty if Teletherapy will be approved as a method for providing TBEI services after this Pandemic. However, it may be an option for certain circumstances after the Pandemic.

Q4. How can providers share resources for other providers?

A4. Providers can send information to Caroline at, which will then be posted to ACT website and a shared OneDrive.

Q5. Which DDD application should we use for requesting DDD eligibility?

A5. Service Coordinators should continue to use the DDD Application dated 6-2018. If a DDD application is denied or rejected because it is not the updated DDD application form (7-2019), please proceed with TBEI services and send the child’s name, I-TEAMS ID, and Region to Caroline. AzEIP will be working with DDD to provide additional guidance.

Q6. What is the guidance when a family does want teletherapy and only want in-person visits; and how long before checking in?

A6. Service Coordinator should have at least minimum monthly contact with a family, which is defined in AzEIP Policy and Procedures.

Q7. What should we do if we have Joint Visits with another outside agency and they don’t use Zoom? Or what if the family is unable to use Zoom but has another app that works well for them?

A7. ACT requires all providers to use Zoom, unless there is a situation when a family has requested to use another platform. Providers must document the reason why Zoom is not being used.

Q8. Is there a place that all updated forms (ACT and AzEIP) can be accessible other than the AzEIP website?

A8. There is a place on the ACT website to access updated forms. There is also a shared OneDrive folder used for all correspondences sent during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Things that have been helpful for providers:

o Preparing the family, prior to the Zoom session, so that the family knows what to expect during the session.

o Having 30-minute sessions. There are times when an hour-long session may be too long for a family/child.

o Giving parents a Zoom link so that they may practice using it prior to a session.

o Sending the family screen shots of questions that would be good to discuss during the visit.

o Sharing screens with the team and family during the Zoom video conferencing.

o Families that are unsure of the Zoom sessions; asking them to try it out and then make a decision on how they would like to proceed, or giving them more information; what to expect, how they can practice or look at Zoom prior, and offering shorter visits.

Feedback about using Zoom Video Conferencing:

o Scheduling with families has been easier for most providers.

o There have been some challenges with getting documents back from the families and keeping track of what documents are still out with the family.

o There have been some challenges with scheduling evaluation sessions.

o Offer breaks during the session to complete contact notes or allow the family to do things they need to.

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