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DDD Application - Updates from AzEIP


I spoke with Alicia Sharma last night. AzEIP will be following up with DDD about its new application form. AzEIP was not aware that there was any revisions to the DDD application we are using.

At this time, we are to continue to use the DDD Application for Initial Eligibility Determination that is on the AzEIP website, which is the one we have been using.

If you are have a denial or rejection with DDD eligibility due to the application form, please make note of that in your contact notes and send me the child’s name and ID#. Also, if you have any past DDD eligibility request that were denied or rejected due to the application form, send me that information as well. AzEIP will be following up with DDD on those too.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Be safe!!!


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