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ACT Memo - COVID-19: ACT Updates (#4)

Hello Everyone.

We are still awaiting additional billing guidance from AzEIP. Also, we are still waiting for the Governor’s office to issue approval for an Executive order for both OT and PT teleservices. SPT, SC, and DSI work are currently approved for teletherapy.

Late this afternoon we did receive information from AzEIP regarding a letter being sent to each family in the TBEI program. The AzEIP office has created a letter for families (English and Spanish) regarding Covid-19 in relation to their early intervention services. The Bilingual Spanish version has been mailed today and the English version will be mailed very soon. We’ve attached a copy of both versions to this email. AzEIP stated that they will soon have these letters posted on the COVID 19 section of their website along with additional resources for families. Here’s the direct link to the AzEIP COVID 19 website.

Please mark your calendars for an important region meeting for this Thursday or Friday. The ACT COVID 19 Workgroup will be sending out a Zoom invite for each meeting based on the region you work in. If you are unable to attend your given region meeting, you can request to be connected to another region’s meeting. The focus of these meetings is to help provide additional information as well as get your feedback on how we can support you in the teletherapy process. We are looking at about 20 to 30 minutes for the meetings. They will be scheduled as follows:

Thursday, March 26th – 8 AM – All of Region 3 Team Members

Thursday, March 26th – 5 PM – All of Region 6 Team Members

Friday, March 27th – 11 AM – All of Region 9 Team Members

We will send out an agenda later in the day on Wednesday.

Thank you and have a good evening!

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