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Team Conference Meeting


Team members will meet and share information with each other at least quarterly or more frequently, if needed. You can participate in those meetings as much as you like. You will not have to relay information from one team member to another, because they will be talking to each other on a regular basis.

1. The purpose of team meetings is to share information among team members about children and families enrolled in AzEIP, provide coaching opportunities, and ensure that services are provided in accordance with the IFSP.

2. Team meetings should occur in person or if necessary by telephone conferencing to ensure all team members participate, as long as confidentiality is maintained.

3. Within an EIP there may separate, small teams with individual caseloads that meet for shorter periods of time weekly, or on an alternate schedule approved by DES/AzEIP, due to the smaller caseload.

4. Team meetings occur weekly and shall include all core team members, the DDD and ASDB Service Coordinators, and as appropriate, the Psych, SW, TVI, and TOD working with the family.

5. The weekly discussion shall not include all children and families, but only those requested by a team member to be included on the agenda or those scheduled for their periodic review. Periodic reviews of all children shall occur at least quarterly.

6. Families participate in the Team meetings through in-person attendance, calling-in to the meeting, or asking the Team Lead to share their questions/concerns. Teams should ensure that families have adequate notice to be able to participate in team meetings in person or by phone.

7. The Team accommodates family participation by telephone or other means to ensure it is convenient for the family. If the family participates in the Team meeting and an IFSP change is identified and agreed upon by the family, a revision may only be made in accordance with AzEIP policies and guidance documents. In most circumstances, IFSP decisions will not be made at the Team meeting. IFSP decisions are never made without the full participation of the parent(s).

8. Team meetings shall have a facilitator.

9. Every child is discussed quarterly (four times per year from the date of the initial IFSP) and a quarterly report prepared and kept in the child’s early intervention records.

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