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Six Month IFSP or Other Review

● An IFSP review will occur every 6 months at a minimum.

● The Team Lead is required to be at every IFSP addendum or review that takes place. Other team members on the plan or disciplines needing to support the family can be invited as well.

● Families can invite other support systems or community agencies to attend.

● 6 month review may occur long before child’s transition date or during specific transition planning dates. Transition meetings can happen during 6 month reviews

● Always have the most current IFSP with you to review and revise as needed

● Goals, Concerns and services are updated at 6 month review or whenever changes are needed.

● It is important to use teaming and coaching to ensure families concerns are being addressed and that appropriate TL and supports are selected to avoid numerous addendums to IFSP.

● A child can have an IFSP review, when applicable.

● The service coordinator is responsible for updating the IFSP document.

● Only fill out relevant forms from this list


Documentation and Forms Used:

● IFSP Meeting Notice (PWN)

● Current IFSP

● Consent for Insurance

● IFSP addendum pages

● Transition pages

● Child and family assessment pages

● Outcome Pages

● SC/Provider Contact Log

Child Record Audit Tool - 6 Month or Other Review (also found electronically in CR)

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