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Resource Based Capacity Building

Supporting families to identify resources requires more than simply providing a family with a list of resources.  All professionals who support families must be able to actively engage families in a process to identify potential resources and supports and to assist families to determine how and when they would like to proceed.  This is an opportunity to utilize reflective coaching questions.  Research shows that outcomes are greater when the individual is supported to develop and commit to a meaningful goal, locate, and finally, use resources to meet that goal, rather than depending upon a third party to determine and set the parameters of the goal for them.  Our shared focus should be on empowering individuals and families to achieve their goals not just in the present, but in the future through the use of participatory help-giving practices.  

The Family Resource Support Guide

Family and Community Resources and Supports Checklist (and Video)
Reflective Questions At a Glance

Checklists for Measuring Adherence to Resource-Based Intervention Practices

Relationship Focused Intervention (RFI) - Enhancing the Role of Parents in Children's Developmental Intervention

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