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OAE AzEIP Loaner Machines

All staff who will be conducting hearing screenings need to have completed an approved hearing screening course and hold a valid certificate. For upcoming training opportunities and/or questions related to hearing trainings please visit the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) website: Sensory Screening Training.  Additionally, ADHS has hearing screening equipment that can be loaned out to staff who have a valid hearing screening certificate. Equipment may be loaned for up to two weeks at a time from any of the five locations throughout the state. For more information please visit the ADHS website: Sensory Screening Equipment.

At the time of pick-up, we will ask that the OAE Acknowledgement Form is signed and a copy will be emailed for your records. Each staff who will be conducting hearing screenings using the AzEIP OAE loaner will need to complete the OAE User Acknowledgement Form. Please ensure that copies of the user acknowledgment and h certificates are maintained in personnel records and made available to AzEIP upon request.

Updated 7/3/18

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