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Child and Family Assessment

An initial assessment, performed by two or more individuals representing at least two disciplines, is required prior to the development of an Individualized Family Service Plan for eligible children.


Observation is an important part of the assessment process. The team will want to watch what the child does, learn about the child’s interests, and see how the child reacts to others and the surroundings. Watching the child play, eat a snack and transition from one activity to another can help the team to learn more about the child and family’s interests, strengths and resources. Let the family know that the team will ask questions so that they can get to know the family. Explain that these questions are meant to help the team to learn more about the child and family and how the family would like to be supported around different routines and activities.


Those participating in the Child & Family Assessment should:


  1. Ask open-ended questions

  2. Allow families the time to answer the questions

  3. Use strengths– and interest-based questions

  4. Use prompts and observation to encourage the family to describe various routines and activities

  5. Ask the family how they want to be involved and if they would like to involve others in the process, such as other family members, teachers or other caregivers.

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