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Annual IFSP

The annual assessment is the Child and Family Assessment. The C&F Assessment Guide for Families is sent two weeks before the IFSP meeting date, to prepare the family for the annual IFSP meeting.

For each annual IFSP, a new IFSP document is used.

An annual IFSP meeting includes the team members completing an annual assessment. The annual assessment is the Child and Family Assessment form completed prior to the initial IFSP meeting.


Documents and Forms Used (same forms used during the initial IFSP process):

  • Child and Family Assessment Guide for Families: GCI-1088A

  • C&F Assessment pages of the IFSP

  • Consent for Child Assessment: GCI-1083A

  • Vision Screening Checklist: GCI-1085A

  • Hearing Screening Tracking Form: GCI-1084A

  • IFSP: GCI-1021 A-T

  • Family Survey & AzEIP Envelopes: GCI-1042A

o Given to families at every annual IFSP and when the children are exiting early intervention.

  • PEA Notification/Referral (if applicable)

  • Consent to Obtain Information: GCI-1039A

  • Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information: GCI-1020A

  • Consent to Share EI Records and Information: GCI-1040A

  • Consent for Insurance: GCI-1041A

  • AzEIP Child Data Form: GCI-1087A

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