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Evaluation and Eligibility

Evaluations to determine AZEIP eligibility are used in the following scenarios:

1. Completed prior to the 45th day of initial referral, after initial screening by the support coordinator. Evaluation requests are sent to the team by the support coordinator.

2. Completed 1 month prior to an annual IFSP, if a child was made eligible through clinical opinion.

Evaluations are completed by 2 team members (DSI, OT, PT, SLP, Hearing Specialiast, Vision Specialist, SW, or Psych). The team members are chosen based on who would be the most appropriate in assisting on determining if the child will qualify for support. The determination is based on how the child scored on the ASQ at the initial screening and on the parent concerns.

Team members are provided with up to 2 hours of billable – direct time, the amount of time spent in the home with the family to complete the evaluation. The evaluation is completed with the child and the family through parent report, observation and the use of a standardized tool. ACT utilizes the DAYC-2 and the REEL-3.

At an evaluation, a child may be made eligible based on the 2 following scenarios:

1. The child scored either a 70 or below a 70 on the Dayc-2 or REEL-3 in 1 or more areas of development, showing a 50% delay.

a. Areas of development assessed include the following:

i. Cognitive

ii. Social-Emotional

iii. Adaptive

iv. Communication

v. Physical and Fine Motor

b. NOTE: communication score is based on combined score of Receptive and Expressive scores

2. The team members may qualify a child based on clinical opinion if the child is showing a condition that the team members believe may impact the child’s development if support is not provided.  ***Justification for informed clinical opinion MUST be stated on the evaluation report

The team members discuss eligibility results with the family and provide the family with a PWN stating if the child is or is not eligible for AZEIP support.

If the child qualifies, the team members complete the DDD referral form and discuss the next steps in moving forward with support from AZEIP.

If the child qualifies and is 2.9years of age, the team members must complete the preschool transition planning meeting with the family at the time of the evaluation and notify the support coordinator immediately to submit the PEA.


All evaluation reports must be shared with the family.

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