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Transition Services

Transition services are activities completed when children are exiting out of early intervention and are transitioning to (1) preschool with the local school district (2) Head Start or (3) private preschool.


The IFSP Transition pages, which are included in the IFSP documents also outlines the transition process, and must be updated throughout the process.


Conversations with the family about transition begin at the initial IFSP meeting and continue only the child transition is completed.


The service coordinator is responsible for ensuring the transition steps are completed. The steps completed are documented on the IFSP Transition pages.


Documents and Forms Used: 

o   Completed and updated, when applicable (timelines provided on document)

o   Used for planning transition

o   Includes permission to share information; parent/guardian signature required

o   Includes section to identify people/programs families would like to invite to transition conference

o   Completed and updated, when applicable (timelines provided on document)

o   Used for documenting activities completed relevant to transition.

  • Invitation to Transition Conference: GCI-1032A

o   Formal invitation to invite people/program to transition conference

  • Transition Conference Summary: GCI-1033A

o   Used at the transition conference to summarize transition conference and next steps

  • PEA Notification/Referral: GCI-1037A

o   Used to notify/refer children to the local school district preschool

o   Completed for all children; unless parent opts-out of sending information to school district

  • AzEIP Consent to Share Early Intervention Records and Information: GCI-1040A

o   Used to share information with people/programs

  • AzEIP Child Data Form: GCI-1078A

o   Used throughout early intervention

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