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ACT Memo - COVID-19: Update #23

Happy New Year! The office will be closed Jan. 18th in observance of MLK, Jr. Birthday.

ACT Updates/Reminders:

  • The Zoom session on Early Autism Identification with Dr. McLean is Monday, January 11th (3:30-5pm). The Zoom login information is:

  • With the beginning of a new year, now is a perfect time for core team members to plan coaching visits for all children assigned to the team.

  • The next ACT SC Meeting is Friday, February 5th (9-10:30am). Please submit any agenda items to Caroline by January 29th.

AzEIP Updates/Reminders:

  • No updates from AzEIP COVID Task Team about returning in the homes. As of today, all TBEI services will continue via teletherapy, phone, and email until further notice from AzEIP.

  • Highlights from AzEIP monthly meeting with data managers (1.5.2021):

  • The return rate of Family Surveys is very low. ACT is one of the contractors that has low numbers of surveys completed. Family Survey is part of compliance, Indicator 4: Family Outcomes. Please remember that family surveys are completed at all Annual IFSPs and when a child is exiting out of AzEIP. The SC can complete the survey with a family and help submit to the AzEIP office.

  • There are a few outstanding referrals still in IPP and are past the 45-day timeline. Based on ACT Child Contract Report (1.6.2021), ACT has 43 referrals past the 45-day timeline. Reach out to the SCs to support with getting those referrals evaluated and/or completing initial IFSPs.

  • I-TEAMS data entry, especially IFSP dates, is part of compliance for timely and accurate data. Please verify dates when entering information in I-TEAMS. AzEIP has suggested that the calendar feature in I-TEAMS is used. Also, verify that a child’s race, ethnicity, and gender are accurate in I-TEAMS.

Stay safe and wear your mask!

Caroline Oglesby

ACT Program Manager

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