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Translation Services


When needing translation services, please remember:

  • All requests for Arabic translation services (Regions 1 -9) are sent directly to Randa Isaac at You can also call Randa at 602-332-9954. No request form is required.

  • All other requests are sent directly to Language Connection via secured email and cc Caroline. You must complete the Language Connection Request form and include it with your secured email to Language Connection.

  • If Language Connection is unable to provide interpretation services; then ACT has another company (LAMP) we can use. Language Access Metro Project (LAMP) is based in another state; therefore, any service provided by LAMP is via-teleconference. Providers will need to contact Caroline first to complete the request(s) for services. LAMP will coordinate the conference call with the family and team members.

  • It is the AzEIP SC (ACT) and/or team members responsibility to bring all AzEIP documents. The translator is not responsible for bringing documents to the home visit and/or teleconference meeting.

  • Translation service is paid for by ACT. This service is not billed to AzEIP or DDD. Failure to adhere to the above guidance may result in the provider agency and/or provider having to pay for translation services.

  • Questions about translation services can be directed to Caroline: or 602-547-1111.

See also Interpretation Requests

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